Folk dance from Denmark

Fætter Mikkel  (Cousin Mikkel)

Niels Mejlhede Jensen, Bøgeløvsvej 4, 2830 Virum, Denmark. e-mail (web master)

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Dance description:

Animation of the dance

Fætter Mikkel (Cousin Mikkel)

  • Dance in lines of about 6-10 couples (or non couples, just come and join the lines). (5-6 couples may be pleasant for folk dancers that look forward to also many other dances).
  • I usually have 1' couple to the left seen from the gent side in line dances, but this is not important.
  • Walking steps (maybe chasse), side running steps and polka (or the like).
  • The dance is in 4 section: a, b, c, d :
    • a: bar 1-4: lines forth and back
    • b: bar 1-4: a repeated
    • c: bar 5-13: lines around
    • d: bar 5-13: 1' couple down between lines

(Bar numbers refer to the computer written scores; the dance has 2+8 bars).


Fætter Mikkel (Cousin Mikkel) from Jutland, Denmark - dance in lines

bar 1-4 lines forth and back 6-10 couples stand in lines, gents on one side and ladies opposite (or adults and children at random just get into two lines opposite one another). All join hands in the lines. 
The lines go towards each other with one chasse+go+go all starting with the left foot; the same back again, right foot (or the lines just walk towards each other and back).
.bar 1-4 Lines forth and back is repeated with the repetition of the music.
bar 5-13 lines around The 1' gent leads his line around, all hand in hand, on the outside, back to back, to the bottom of the line and up to starting position with side running steps. The 1' lady does the same. (Or the 1' persons walk around with their lines back to place).
bar 5-13 down between lines The 1' couple dance polka down between the lines, maybe finishing with two step swing. They are then the last couple in lines. As your start position for the polka is opposite, the gent decides whether to wait one bar or surprise with the asynchronous polka. (Or the first couple join hands and run side wards down between the lines while the lines clap hands and cheer them in accordance with the high spirits of the party).

The dance is repeated until everybody has been through the lines

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